Strassburg Reptile Field Trip, February 17th, 2017

Students who reached or exceeded their MAP RIT scores in Math and Reading are invited to attend a Reptile Field Trip.
Dr. Leak congratulates the students on their accomplishments.
Christian McCaskill enjoys petting a reptile.
Hope Mensing and Larry Watkins enjoy holding a huge snake!
Ms. Kisela and students collectively hold a huge snake.
Ms. Tunstall also experiences the joy of holding a snake.

Strassburg Black History Performance, February 16th, 2017

Ms. Ricker leads her choir students in singing "What a Wonderful World."
Antwoin Mason introduces the program.
Awesome Wilson gives tribute to Olympic Champion, Gaby Douglas.
Fifth graders perform a tribute to the "New Edition.".
The cast brings audience members up front to celebrate and dance.
Ms. Tunstall congratulates all performers.
Great job Ms. Beavers and Mr. Sandoval.

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