Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year registration process! 

Returning Students:

For most returning students there is no need to make a registration appointment. Most returning students can complete their registration online with the following link:

Returning Students: Registration Portal

Only students who have moved or are transferring from a completely different school district are considered “NEW” and are required to make a registration appointment. 

Screenshot of Registration Support

Important Forms and Documents

These forms are available as PDFs that can be used with Adobe Reader which will allow you to fill out and save them for submission.  The Health Immunization Form and Dental Form need to be filled out by a doctor and dentist respectively.

Returning Student Registration

Returning students can register online through Skyward.  The link is as follows: skyward.iscorp.com/scripts/wsisa.dll/WService=wseducommconil/fwemnu01.w

Returning students can submit the Home Language SurveyEmergency Release Form, and Annual Health Information form as part of registration.  The Home Language Survey is required to be submitted during the online registration process.

If your child attended PreK at Blossom's Early Childhood program last year and will be attending Kindergarten at Wagoner this year, their busing will need to be updated.  They will not have the same bus route as last year.  Contact the school office for more information.

Supplies lists are available at the bottom of this page and on your child's school website.

Technical Support 

Email techdept@d168.org or phone 708-758-1610 extension 127 or 128.

New Student Registration

New students will start the registration process by completing Skyward's New Student Enrollment. The links is as follows: skyward.iscorp.com/scripts/wsisa.dll/WService=wseducommconil/skyenroll.w

You should receive an email with your portal username and temporary password. If you've already started the process and need to continue, use the following link: skyward.iscorp.com/scripts/wsisa.dll/WService=wseducommconil/sfemnu01.w

New students will need to submit the Home Language Survey, Permission to Release Public Relations form, Immunization Health Records, Dental form, and the Emergency Release form. Copies of these are available as digital downloads above.

You will also need to meet with your school to confirm residency and complete registration. A list of residency requirements can be found here and above.  You will need to schedule a 20 minute meeting with your school to turn in all required paperwork.  You will be required to wear a mask and you must be screened for health concerns prior to entering the building.  We are maintaining social distancing during the registration process.

Please click the appropriate link below to schedule a meeting with your school to complete the registration process for new students.  This is only for new students to the district and returning students that need to turn in documentation.  You may register more than one student during your meeting.

Blossoms Early Childhood: Please check back soon.

Wagoner Elementary (Grades KG, 1, 2): https://calendly.com/d168registerw/wagoner-registr...

Strassburg Elementary (Grades 3, 4, 5): https://calendly.com/d168registers/strassburg-registration-2021

Rickover Jr. High (Grades 6, 7, 8): https://calendly.com/d168registerr/rickover-jr-hig...

Technical Support

Email Techdept@d168.org or phone 708-758-1610 extension 127 or 128.

In-Person Registration Dates

To complete registration, you will need to finalize the process during the in-person registration days.  The dates for in-person registration are as follows:

August 4th1:00 pm to 6:00 pm
August 5th9:00 am to 2:00 pm
August 10th9:00 am to 2:00 pm
August 11th1:00 pm to 6:00 pm
August 12th9:00 am to 2:00 pm

School Supplies Lists

Below are the school supplies lists for each school listed below:

Wagoner - Click here to download

Strassburg - 3rd Grade, 4th Grade5th Grade

Rickover - 6th Grade7th Grade8th Grade