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Technology Quick Links

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G Suite for Education (Formerly Google Apps for Education)


Every staff member should have a Google account created for them that gives them access to the G Suite. Simply navigate to google.com and click the sign-in button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Your username is your district email address. Please contact the District Technology Office if you forget your password. G Suite currently works best in Google Chrome.

The G Suite includes Google Docs (Word), Google Sheets (Excel), and Google Drive, as well as many other apps. With G Suite, you can collaborate with fellow staff member and work on the same document in real time on different computers. Please be aware that Gmail is not available to staff members. All invitations and emails sent from Google will automatically route through your district webmail. Please check your quarantine for missing emails or contact the Technology Department for assistance with your Quarantine.

Included with the G Suite is Google Hangouts, an instant messenger service that lets your communicate with other district staff using G Suite. You can also send files to each other and setup group chat to discuss topics with multiple people. For truly adventurous people, you can also video chat.

Office 365 for Education


All staff members have an Office 365 account created for them. Your login is your district email and your password is the same as the one for your computer. No need to memorize additional usernames and passwords. If you have trouble logging in, please contact the Technology Department for assistance. Office 365 is usable in most web browsers.

Office 365 is Microsoft's answer to Google's G Suite. Logging into Office 365 gives you access to a wide array of apps and software. Each staff member received 5 copies of Office 2016 to install. The only requirement is one copy must be installed on each teacher's computer. You also get access of Office Online which are lite versions of Microsoft Office inside your browser.

To make communicating easier, Skype for Business is included in Office 365. After your computer has been upgraded to Office 365, you can use Skype to send instant messages to other staff members. Skype will also connect to your email and change your availability status to match what is in your Outlook Calendar. This means if you are in a scheduled meeting, your status displays as busy. This status also shows up while exchanging emails to let people know if anyone is busy at that moment.

Here are some additional Office 365 resources: Office 365 Education Resources

Resource Guides

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