Our Mission

The mission of Community Consolidated Schools District 168 is to excel by inspiring, challenging, and supporting every child every day to achieve their greatest academic, social, and personal potential.

Our Vision

The Vision of District 168 is that all students have skills, understandings and personal characteristics for learning, working and living fully, including:

  • Valuing learning and understanding the learning process;
  • The ability to apply problem-solving strategies to a variety of decision-making situations;
  • Respect for self, others and the environment;
  • Communication competency through verbal, non-verbal, and writing skills;
  • The ability to use technology for learning and living;
  • An understanding and appreciation of the arts as a means of expression and communication.

Our Core Values

We value:

  1. Highly qualified staff that are ethical, well prepared, and energetic;
  2. High expectations knowing that every child can succeed;
  3. A safe and secure school environment;
  4. A clearly defined curriculum with a rigorous learning process for every child;
  5. Parental and extended family involvement as it relates to the developmental process of every child;
  6. Honoring a sincere culture of respect for self and others;
  7. Our commitment to build and maintain an ongoing relationship with our community through transparency and openness;
  8. Diversity in our educational culture;
  9. Fiscal responsibility by delivering services in a cost effective manner;
  10. The use of technology to promote and enrich the learning process.

District-Wide Goals

  • Ensure academic growth and achievement by providing the appropriate challenges needed to attain yearly growth by all students.
  • Utilize the advancement of technology as a tool for learning and communication to support the educational goals of the district.
  • The budget will be aligned with the District’s goals and the District will remain fiscally sound.
  • Promote a safe learning environment by focusing on non-violence, mutual respect, and self-responsibility in our schools, home and community.
  • Ensure that schools and the district encourage parent and community involvement.

District Beliefs

  • Our students deserve equal access to a quality education;
  • Quality education requires teamwork between home and school;
  • The professionalism of the District staff is directly linked to a quality education;
  • Schools are a vehicle to develop pride, self-esteem and self-confidence in our children; (Pride in our students equals progress in our community.)
  • Community involvement is vital to a quality education;
  • Educated children are the future;
  • Well-maintained buildings are conducive to a quality education;
  • A quality education can be provided regardless of the resources available to our district;
  • Children deserve a safe school environment.
"Every Child -- Every Day"
"It Takes A Whole Community To Educate A Child"