October 2018




October 31, 2018


Sarah Knezevic


Wagoner, Strassburg and Rickover identified for greater funding and supports


School designations create opportunity to build on strengths and close gaps in service to students


Sauk Village, IL – The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) today released designations for every school in the state. The designations provide a public benchmark of each school’s progress toward the goal of preparing all students for success in college and career. Schools identified as Lowest-Performing or Underperforming will receive additional federal funding and participate in the collaborative, school-led IL-EMPOWER improvement process.


Wagoner, Strassburg and Rickover have a designation of Underperforming.  The state’s new support and accountability system evaluates schools based on a fuller picture of school quality, including the performance of individual student groups and measures beyond test scores. Like the state’s new Evidence-Based Funding formula, the support and accountability system drives resources to improve student outcomes to the schools in the greatest need of increased support.


Wagoner School’s focus is on establishing a strong educational foundation in early literacy and numeracy skills.  Our staff is dedicated to supporting the whole child to ensure that we are meeting the academic, social and emotional needs of our youngest learners.  It is our strong partnerships with our families and community that will support continued growth and improvement.


Dr. Sharon Nepote

Principal, Wagoner Elementary School

Strassburg Elementary School continues to make gains in the area of academics.  In fact, we have minimal achievement gaps and/or are closing gaps that have previously existed.  Student attendance has increased and our attendance rate is currently 93%, which is higher than the state average.  Student chronic truancy rates have decreased.  This year, we will focus on individualizing instruction and building partnerships with our community stakeholders. 

Dr. Jennifer Camilleri

Principal, Strassburg Elementary School

We at Rickover Junior High School are working diligently to support individual growth for all students as we target specific children who need additional support.  I commend the teachers, administrators and support staff for being steadfast in working to educate all children here at Rickover.

Mrs. Chantel Bullock

Principal, Rickover Jr. High


Wagoner’s, Strassburg’s and Rickover’s data show


  • Our students are within the average State range for student growth of 50% in ELA (English Language Arts) and Math
  • Students at Strassburg exceeded the State growth in the area of ELA with Strassburg students showing 51.3% growth versus the State showing 50% growth.
  • The state and district have identified one student group that needs additional, targeted support.


Underperforming schools have a powerful opportunity to participate in the school-led IL-EMPOWER improvement process. IL-EMPOWER provides schools with choice and voice in how to improve. IL-EMPOWER begins with a collaborative local needs assessment utilizing the IL Quality Framework and its Supporting Rubric. The process includes additional federal funding and the school’s opportunity to choose professional learning partners to work with on local improvement needs. IL-EMPOWER also offers opportunities to learn from other schools and districts.


With the addition of student growth in the designation, we are now able to identify student groups that need targeted supports.  We have always shared student growth with our community and are pleased that the State is now recognizing this as an important part of school performance.


Dr. Donna S. Leak

Superintendent, CCSD 168


The district has introduced new curriculum resources in Math and English Language Arts to increase the rigor of classroom instruction, along with taking steps to further align instruction with the Common Core State Standards.

Ms. Myra Patterson

Director of Instructional Services


The IL-EMPOWER process and additional federal funding will maximize new opportunities to support students and build on existing strengths.  The IL-EMPOWER supports will build on our strengths, such as

  • Increased classroom support through Instructional Coaches
  • Increase proficiency on the State Assessments through updated district common core standards based curriculum
  • Establish Personalized performance learning targets to track student growth
  • Enhanced professional development for teachers
  • Increased emphasis on Culture and Climate in our buildings
  • Continue to strengthen relationships with stakeholder
  • Increase our social media presence.


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