Modification of Athletic or Team Uniform Permitted

A student athlete will be allowed to modify his or her athletic or team uniform for the purpose of modesty in clothing or attire that is in accordance with the requirements of his or her religion or his or her cultural values or modesty preferences. The modification of the athletic or team uniform may include, but is not limited to, the wearing of a hijab, an undershirt, or leggings. If a student chooses to modify his or her athletic or team uniform, the student is responsible for all costs associated with the modification of the uniform and the student shall not be required to receive prior approval from the school board for such modification. However, nothing in this section prohibits a school from providing the modification to the student.

At a minimum, any modification of the athletic or team uniform must not interfere with the movement of the student or pose a safety hazard to the student or to other athletes or players. The modification of headgear is permitted if the headgear:

(1) is black, white, the predominate color of the uniform, or the same color for all players on the team;

(2) does not cover any part of the face;

(3) is not dangerous to the player or to the other players;

(4) has no opening or closing elements around the face and neck; and

(5) has no parts extruding from its surface.